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Mike Swain’s Judo Lite Updated!


Scott Manthey one of the Cool Guys has released an update for his Judo training app, Judo Lite - Mike Swain Compete Judo Preview - Progressive Lifestyles LLC. Mike Swain's Complete Judo is the ultimate reference tool with over 100 standing and grappling techniques of Judo. Mike Swain, 5 time Olympian and world champion along with ...

Opera Advertising Report Shows iOS is King of the Hill


Link -> Report from Opera shows iOS is King in Mobile Advertising: Further illustrating this point is the high eCPM achieved by iPad. Delivering an average eCPM of $3.96 across the Opera mobile ad platform, iPad epitomizes the user-friendly device with large, touchscreen interactivity, as well as other features that enhance the user experience. The iPad is ...

Apple has Added New In-App Purchase Guidelines plus Code


Updated Link -> In-App Purchase Receipt Validation on iOS Apple has released to developers new guidelines for in-app purchase validation. They have also issued downloadable code to help developers implement the new validation procedures. If your app uses in-app purchases ( especially if you don't validate on your own server ) then you need ...