Stop Notification Spam


Erica Sadun writing for TUAW:

Want to know a quick road to a bad user app review? Local notification spam. Frankly, we’re sick of it. You spam us, we’ll toss your app off our phones like *snap* that.

I belong to a Facebook group of entrepreneur developers who share knowledge and resources to make our app businesses better. Of the 15 or so members I believe only two of us can actually write code. The rest of the members hire developers from places like ODesk. Everyone is trying to make a business out of developing apps, but some have taken the advice of internet marketing gurus to heart, and are employing the same spam techniques from the IM world in their app businesses. I’ve linked to the above article in our group and hope that it will keep them from implementing the notification spam that these gurus are pushing. I hate notification spam and Ad spam ( more on that later ). As Erica points out, in her article, it makes for a bad user experience.

Users don’t need unnecessary notifications from your app. If a user is not using your app it is for a reason. If you want the user to use you app more, then you have to give them a reason to use it. Make a better user experience by making the app more engaging, updating content regularly, make an awesome user interface. Making a great app is how you get users to download your app and use the app consistently. Making a great app with a great user experience will allow you to make more money over the long term. A great app devoid of notification spam will have users associate your company brand with a positive app experience.