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Button Ball iOS Game App Released!


I had the personal pleasure of meeting this Cool Guy, Alf Marcussen, on my trip to San Francisco this year for WWDC 2012. Alf like almost everyone in the Cool Guys Lounge is a multi-talented fellow. He's just released this weekend his latest app a physics game called: Button Ball. Button Ball has ...

Mike Swain’s Judo Lite Updated!


Scott Manthey one of the Cool Guys has released an update for his Judo training app, Judo Lite - Mike Swain Compete Judo Preview - Progressive Lifestyles LLC. Mike Swain's Complete Judo is the ultimate reference tool with over 100 standing and grappling techniques of Judo. Mike Swain, 5 time Olympian and world champion along with ...

Where’s My Cheese iOS App Released!


One of the Cool Guys, Bob Mahan, has released his first iOS app: Where's My Cheese! Go check it out. One of the things that really catches the eye with this game is the graphics and the icon! Very nice colors and a great theme. The game play is based on ...