“The Gossip” iPhone App Submitted to iTunes Connect For Review!

The Gossip iPhone App Icon

The Gossip

I have released my 10th iOS app, The Gossip, to iTunes Connect. The app is currently awaiting review, and if Apple is still consistent with reviewing and approving apps the app should go live as expected the second Sunday in August.

The app was inspired by my wife who loves read celebrity gossip and news. The current app that she uses is filled with pop-up ads. And so I created an app for her that has no pop-up ads! Now I’m not adverse to ads in apps, but I don’t like constant pop-up ads in iPhone apps. I’m going to release a free version of The Gossip with only banner ads served up by iAds and Admob.

So, if you like celebrity gossip keep an eye out for The Gossip iPhone app to be released in August 2012. After Apple approval I’ll write more about the app and its features.